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Jan Veenhuis

It doesn’t get much more Dutch than this

Jan Veenhuis loves agriculture, road construction and landscaping. We’ve been devising and building those striking yellow machines in Raalte since 1938. When it comes to tippers, Jan Veenhuis machine factory has been a leading expert since 1996. Our machines are highly durable and able to deal with heavy loads.

The 3rd generation of the Veenhuis family currently holds the reins.

As always, we love meeting our customers in person. To us, the customer is king. Besides, we love the personal approach. So there’s a good reason why we still use the name 'Jan Veenhuis'.


We put our heart and soul into special products, day in, day out.

In 2008, we built a new production unit where almost everything is conceived, developed and manufactured. As always, our focus is on machines that are built and finished to perfection. For you.

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