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Jan Veenhuis






The world is changing rapidly, offering more and more opportunities. And we aim to seize those opportunities. Do you have an issue, idea or special requirement? We first model everything in our 3D design program and then apply the latest techniques.

Internally we are also continuously working on improving our machines.
Take our unique cover system and hook arms, for instance. There are also details that make our machines unique. And we offer customisation: developed in-house, thanks to our never-ending quest for perfection. Innovation >design > engineering In addition to standard products, we also offer a lot of scope for customisation. We’ll help you come up with improvements and innovations. And design is a key element of this. So what works best for you, in your business or in your industry? Giving that extra dose of thought to the design, form and finish means you gain exactly the undercarriage, chassis and container you need.

You want to be able to rely on your machines

Durability, smart design and sturdiness make your Jan Veenhuis tipper one of the most reliable and best-performing agricultural machines. And our team is always at your disposal in case something happens. And that's a comforting thought! We’re happy to hear about problems and issues. It challenges us to come up with a fitting solution.

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